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Conscious Self Leadership For Today’s Wild New World


To help people find renewal, balance and wholeness of body, mind and spirit.
To upgrade your life you must upgrade your mind body system.


Come and learn natural healing techniques based on energy medicine that will help you live into your purpose, awaken potential and live well.

Change your life by changing your energy, attention and awareness. Learn to bridge the worlds between your higher self and the linear functioning you that has to get up every day and make decisions and get to work and function in the world.

As you bridge the worlds you get to experience a part of yourself that you didn’t even know you had access to that will help you change the entire way you express, function and manifest in the world. We need this today. There is a new game in town and what is needed now is for us to learn to up level our lives.

Our offerings:


HOW TO RAISE OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM in order to live in our wild new world in a healthy, vital and grounded way.

HOW TO BUILD THE CIRCUITRY IN OUR NERVOUS SYSTEMS that enables us to live on purpose, in purpose and with purpose and to transcend all the proverbial beliefs, perceptions, outlooks, habits and behaviours that hold us back.

HOW TO ALIGN WITH NATURE and live with a deeper sense of ease and flow and calm and what I mean by that is to live in a way that we kick stress and anxiety and worry and overwhelm in the but and use those feelings for their rightful purpose. In other words how to stress less and perform more.

HOW TO CHANNEL FEAR RESPONSES that we have every day correctly through our systems so that instead of crippling us and making us unhealthy, that energy becomes used for fuel, for power, for passion.

HOW TO HOLD RELATIONSHIPS in a state of mutual respect, understanding and growth and communicate our messages so that we get our needs met.

HOW TO PRACTISE MINDFULNESS CORRECTLY by learning how to de-excite our nervous systems and quiet our minds and power up our higher cognitive functions for improved performance and wellbeing. How to breathe, how to meditate, how to intend, how to eat, how to exercise, how to channel your energy powerfully through your system in order to expand your perspective and your sense of self.

HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and live strong with a deep sense of grace, love, internal power, wisdom and compassion for all.

HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE and your authenticity and to express that to the world in the form of your dreams.


Blanco Guest Farm – Eastern Cape

Empowering you to take charge of your health and life purpose through Ayurvedic Nutrition, Yoga and Energy Healing
Presented By: Kim Van Niekerk and Kim Laubscher

ALL Inclusive, retreat program plus
accommodation package
Venue: Blanco Guest Farm
Dates: Tuesday 13th October – Friday 16th October


That look at all of the above through the following process

  • What truly inspires you
  • What difficulties you may be facing
  • Where the possibilities are for you
  • How to understand and tap into your inner guidance system
  • How to shift perspective and gain new results
  • How to break through emotional set points and your own inner glass ceilings
  • How to give yourself permission to achieve what you want
  • How to reconnect with your inspiration one step at a time
  • How to be your authentic self

And all these good things that we believe make life just that much more enjoyable.

Living Your Purpose

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be. – Patanjali

How To …

Live A Life Of Meaning, A Life Of Purpose, A Life of Value & A Life Of  Wholeness

Our Mission is to help you move your Mission – that being your desires, your longings, your goals, your dreams, your improvements – to MISSION COMPLETE.

Our Mission is to help you understand your unique human design, deepen your self-value and step into your purpose in order to become your happiest, healthiest, most expanded self.

We do this through coaching programs and retreats that take you through a process of change that applies the invisible laws of success and helps you to become energy partners with life and create the tracksion you need to live your own unique life design and have your best adventure.

It is time to transcend your smaller, ego, fear driven self that we all fall prey to and move into greater wisdom, greater love and greater wellbeing.

Let us begin a journey together that moves you into all of this.