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Conscious Self Leadership For Today’s Wild New World

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Tapping into our deeper power centers to create and manifest the greatest version of ourselves and the life we have been yearning for; our best adventure that is!

So firstly, it is an honour to have you here on our site. Just the pure fact that your search has brought you to this point means that there is already a connection between us. There is a purpose in you being here and hopefully we can explore that together sometime.

The coaching courses and programs are about taking the timeless teachings of ancient wisdom, the quantum leaps of scientific discoveries and integrating it all into modern life to help guide you towards more effective ways to make the shifts you are wanting to make and move from surviving to thriving – as they say J.


by Kim

Living Your Purpose

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.  Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be.


How To …

Live A Life Of Meaning,

A Life Of Purpose,

A Life of Value


A Life Of  Wholeness


One On One Transformation and Wellness Life Coaching Program that looks at:

  • What truly inspires you
  • What difficulties you may be facing
  • Where the possibilities are for you
  • How to understand and tap into your inner guidance system
  • How to shift perspective and gain new results
  • How to break through emotional set points and your own inner glass ceilings
  • How to give yourself permission to achieve what you want
  • How to reconnect with your inspiration one step at a time
  • How to be your authentic self

And all these good things that we believe make life just that much more enjoyable.

Our Mission is to help you move your Mission – that being your desires, your longings, your goals, your dreams, your improvements –  to MISSION COMPLETE.

Our Mission is to help you understand your unique human design, deepen your self-value and step into your purpose in order to become your happiest, healthiest, most expanded self.

We do this through coaching programs and retreats that take you through a process of change that applies the invisible laws of success and helps you to become energy partners with life and create the tracksion you need to live your own unique life design and have your best adventure.

It is time to transcend your smaller, ego, fear driven self that we all fall prey to and move into greater wisdom, greater love and greater wellbeing.

Let us begin a journey together that moves you into all of this.

Conscious Self-Leadership For Today’s Wild New World.

Our entire program works on the premise that wellbeing and success starts with the recognition that your body is wise, your mind is wise, your soul is wise.  You may not always honour that wisdom in yourself but it is there nevertheless.  You are at the leading edge of 5 billion years of evolution.  You are a being of amazing resources.  It is time you discovered that and then to use it to lead a life more fully lived.

When we talk about taking the teachings of ancient wisdom we do not mean that the programs are about teaching you how to be a wise old sage who lives peacefully in the Himalayas and imparts words of wonderment to others and meditates for hours a day (goodness no, precious few of us are there yet today) we are simply talking about the wisdom to know oneself, the wisdom to realise that we have the ability to re-examine our life and to design it in ways that serve ourselves and others. The wisdom to honour the fact that we have the right to lead the very best life possible that takes us on our wildest adventure (whatever that is for you – saving the world, playing with chimps, raising your family, becoming a yogi, racing cars, being a belly dancer). The wisdom to be who you are meant to be in this world. Now that we can all do!

The wisdom to realise that when you skid off the correct track, away from your true path, that is when life becomes boring, overwhelming, stressful, uncomfortable, sickly and icky but when you find your way back to your true path, life becomes seductive and alluring.  Challenges are faced head on and a feeling of freedom sets in.  You come to know what you want in a deep, non-emotional way with a sense of inevitability. This in turn leads to a profound sense of wellbeing from a mind, body and soul perspective.

So thank you for being here and if you join for the duration of your read or for a course or a few months of coaching or if you join permanently as one of our team, I hope it is going to be one heck of a ride.  If you do embark on this journey of change, be prepared to open your mind to move from the mundane to the magical and to start whoohoo-ing a little more in your life.  Why the heck not!!

Our programs are about learning to love your whole self, it is about assuming charge of your life, living in process and channelling life energy.  It is about passion, it is about purpose, it is about embodying, it is about deepening perspective and consciousness.  It is about one way to wellbeing, your way.

Let’s begin a journey of discovery that moves you into all the above.