To upgrade your life you must upgrade your Body-Mind System.  Let us help you do that.

Come and join us at the lovely Blanco Guest Farm in the Eastern Cape for these powerful workshops and retreats that are all about tapping into our deeper power centres in order to create and manifest the greatest version of ourselves and lead more healthy, happy and purposeful lives.

Workshop Introduction

These workshops serve to help you:

  • Strengthen you sense of self
  • Ignite your purpose
  • Create your dreams
  • Discover your possibilities
  • Expand your prosperity
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Become a gift to the world
  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Tune up your wellbeing and physical health
  • Express your creative gifts
  • Break through your self-imposed barriers
  • And show up in the world as your authentic self

The workshops will be held over the weekend with registration and check in on Friday evening and the workshop on Saturday and Sunday morning till lunch.

Alternately, the workshops will be held mid-week – Wednesday – Friday.

Places are limited as we can take a maximum of 20 delegates per workshop.  Keep an eye on our facebook page and here on the website for details as to dates and booking openings.  Also subscribe to the blog in order to get an e-mail notification of the dates of these workshops.

The first 3 workshop’s (only) will  be offered at no charge whatsoever for the actual workshop and retreat.  This is our gift to you.

The only cost will be the venue costs as follows:


  • Accommodation: R750 per person per night which includes the following:
  • Full English breakfast
  • Country style lunch
  • 5 course dinner
  • Mid-morning and Mid afternoon tea with eats
  • Fully serviced rooms

Please visit the Blanco website for more information on accommodation:

Upon registration for the workshop, you will receive an information pamphlet with what to expect, what to bring along, times of the workshop, accommodation booking confirmation and directions to the venue.

Wild Awakenings Workshop
  • Workshop and Retreat: Wild Awakenings, Wellbeing and Wisdom for Woman
  • From murky to Magic – the gateways to change.


Workshops about why we kick our mind body system out of balance and then feel stressed, unhealthy and unhappy and battle to change any current unwanted reality or pattern in our life to a new and desired reality or pattern.  What is it that the quantum model of reality, neurobiology and epigenetics is saying about this and how we can change the struggle paradigm we got going to a thriving one.  And in doing so, to find our purpose and travel our happiest path.  Why the heck not???  Come and join us and see what this is all about and whether  there is something in here that can create a new perspective for you.

Our greatest mission at New Realities is to empower you to grow and expand emotionally, physically and spiritually.  We share new and innovative thoughts and ways to approach life’s challenges by giving you the best in self-development and mindfulness practices.
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