Why do we self-sabotage?

Why do we self-sabotage?
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Are you currently being your own worst enemy? Do you stop yourself in your tracks?

And here is what I mean…

Do you have longings and things you would like to do in life or plans around changing something unwanted but you give up just before you are about to leap?

  • Or you can’t seem to get it together to even start?
  • Or you start and don’t quite manage to continue?
  • Do you talk yourself out of possibilities because you feel unworthy or incapable at some level?
  • Do you sometimes feel invisible and unable to get your gifts out into the world?
  • Do you doubt yourself?
  • Do you overthink your life and as a result often feel a lack of clarity and overwhelm?
Does this all sometimes leave you feeling… What the hell!!!!! Is this my life? Does it leave you not fully believing in yourself and your abilities?

A MUST LISTEN – why we self-sabotage

If some of this applies to your life listen to Kim’s recorded webinar on why it is that we battle to show up in the world in the ways that we would really like to and the reasons why all the above happens to us.

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