Too blessed to be stressed

So I was sitting in my sunny TV lounge having a cup of coffee with a special friend of mine and she said something that really resonated with me and that I thought I must share with you all. We were talking about our respective lives and she said to me, you know Kim, most days I just feel too blessed to be stressed.

I fell so in love with this comment that I found myself mulling it over in my mind for the rest of the weekend. On the surface of it, it seems like a fairly ordinary comment and like something only someone with a great deal of affluence and abundance and ease in their life would say. Most of us mere mortals however have got a whole bucket load of reasons to feel stress in all shapes and sizes before we even get out of bed in the morning. Not so? Sure, but having said this, I would like to throw out another perspective here. I see many people who have loads of reasons to feel too blessed to be stressed and yet are suffering the full force of those feelings of stress and overwhelm and frustration and annoyances and fears and then I see people who have a lot less external reason to feel too blessed to be stressed and yet they seem to embody this concept. This got me thinking about it because this beautifully sums up the whole inside out approach to deeper fulfillment and happiness and so I decided to throw out a challenge to all of you.

I would like to challenge my tribe out there – and my tribe being those of you who are also on the path of wanting to grow your potential and actualize and lead deeper, more fulfilling loves – to upon awakening each morning, take 5 minutes of your time while you are still lying in your comfy bed (blessing no. 1) and find as many reasons as you possibly can as to why you could be one of those people who feel too blessed to be stressed (notice I said feel). You will be amazed at how your physiology will change when you start focusing on the things in your life that light you up a bit and that you feel appreciation for.

When you start noticing and finding reasons to feel as though life is giving you the good stuff, you will ironically start attracting more of that into your life. Now I know that this all seems a bit simple and like the whole positive thinking movement but what I am asking of you all is to look beyond the obvious and to find real, deep reasons that resonate with your higher self,

that you are being supported by all of life. That you are part of the natural unfolding of life and everything is in support of you and who you are becoming. I am asking you to find the joy again in the small things that we overlook because of our busy schedule. I am asking you to start finding the miracles in everyday life that are right in front of us but that we can no longer see because of our busy minds. I am asking you to open your heart to a new way of looking at your life and all that is in it and around it.

You will find that by doing this, you will begin to distract yourself from your old habitual ways of thinking about your life and you will almost refresh your mind and body and in doing so be able to walk through life a little more lightly and a whole lot stronger.

We become highly addicted to our stress and our concerns and our grievances and our worries and we get to a point where they become part of us, whether we like it or not. We embed them into our mind body system. We wear them in our emotional body. By asking yourself to find reasons why you can feel too blessed to be stressed is a powerful way of shifting your state of being that is slightly different to the process of simply writing down what you feel grateful for. When you think about what you are grateful for you usually use your mind to do that but when you ask yourself why you to could possibly feel to blessed to be stressed, you have to start finding and feeling your way into those blessings and this becomes a fantastic way of creating deeper coherent wave forms between your heart and mind and this in turn starts to shift the homeostasis in your body from a survival state to a creation state which in turn creates feelings of much deeper wellbeing and happiness for you.

The irony of this is also that when we feel stressed and out of whack and concerned about and frustrated with life, that is never the place where creative solutions and deeper potential arise from. So of course we find ourselves trapped. We want to move ourselves into a state of greater potential and peace but we won’t find that place when our mind body system is in a state of survival.

On the retreats and the one on one coaching programs that I run, you will learn why our mind body conditioning can keep us stuck in places in life that we don’t want to be in and how we can re-set and redesign our magnificent mind body system to overcome our stuckness and create much greater wellbeing. You will learn about the invisible universal laws of success that are available to all of us that if we align with them, can really help support us in living with deeper purpose and clarity. You will learn about the internal powers that we have been given that support us in navigating the murky and sometimes rough waters of this wild new world today.

So, if you are reading this you are probably one of the tribe and so I would like to challenge you to start finding reasons why you to can feel too blessed to be stressed for the next 30 days. Just 5 minutes a day could change the course of your life.

Now, just as a caveat to this whole article, I am not for one minute suggesting that we don’t have very real stresses and concerns and challenges out there. We sure do. But we have also been equipped with some really powerful anti-dotes to this that help us steer our way through and become the master of our lives as opposed to life swinging us around by the tail. Obviously, we do sometimes experience tragedies that are much bigger than all of this but what I am talking about here is us day to day folk who aren’t in the midst of any real tragedy but who are becoming scripted into falling prey to what life throws at us each day and reacting to our conditions as opposed to creating our realities and rising above our perceived challenges and circumstances.

I have been practicing stopping throughout the day for the past week and noticing things that make me feel too blessed to be stressed and I have started finding that the most simple things make me truly happy. That is not to say that life’s great adventures and achievements don’t make us happy as well, of course they do and we are meant to strive for them but when we allow the little things in our normal day to day to do that for us as well, that is when we become truly rich and that is how we create wholeness. And ironically, that is how we create more of what we want. When we notice our blessings, they expand.

As I practiced this mindfulness technique I realized that I started noticing and enjoying the smell of dinner cooking in the house when I got home as opposed to rushing in to my computer to quickly finishing what needed to be finished and completely missing out on that delicious sensory experience. Instead now I stop, deep breathe, take it in and feel that glorious sensation flood me of knowing I am home and I have something wonderful waiting for me in the form of dinner . I used to also arrive home and take my exquisite view for granted. It was simply there. I now stop and stare at it and revel in how blessed I am to have it. The feeling as I simply stand and look at the view and hear the hardy dar‘s cry floods my body with a whole new set of chemicals. I started noticing how much my family laugh and clown around and love and what a privilege it is to be in their space. Far too often we are so busy getting the day done and sorting out chores and disciplining our family and managing the routine stuff that we forget to revel in the joy that we bring each other and notice each member’s uniqueness with a curiosity and a sense of fun. I have started to appreciate the amazing freedom I have in my days. I now find my morning cup of coffee at the fireplace quite sacred and delightful as opposed to just part of my blasted morning routine. I have started listening to one of my favourite songs each day. It is priceless and takes me on a sensory trip down memory lane. I am now in awe of technology which usually terrifies and frustrates me because I am able to use it to get this article out to all of you. And of course I could keep going on forever – from my lovely soft pillow to my good health – but this is not about me, it is about you. And so I challenge you to find yours. Especially if you are currently simply feeling too darn stressed to give a damn about being blessed.

So, in conclusion, the question I would like to leave you all with is this? Is it that feeling too blessed to be stressed could be the very thing that causes us to be less stressed and blessed instead of the other way around as we think? Well, as we all know, science is now showing this to be true. The way we feel every day about our lives is the alchemy that could potentially turn lead to gold. The very way we view our stresses and annoyances and pet peaves is the same things that can heal them and change how we feel every day.

I challenge you all to start turning lead to gold in your own life by creating a new perspective for yourself. Start reframing your stories and telling yourself something new. Start looking at things afresh and creating new realities for yourself. And as the famous and deeply wise Dr. Wayne Dyer says: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

And then of course if at this stage of your life you are simply feeling too darn stressed to give a damn about being blessed, then I invite you to join me on one of my programs so we can walk the road back to blessed together.

I would also love to hear your comments about how your 30 challenge goes so please feel free to comment in the comment section below or alternatively send me an e-mail with your thoughts at

Take special care