The weed game

In my blog article this week I just wanted to share the vision of what some of the work that we do on the retreats is all about.

So one of the things that floats my boat is learning how we as people can move ourselves into more helpful states of being that support us in moving through life in a much stronger, happier, smoother way.  How do we up-level our consciousness so to speak so that we don’t get in our own way as we travel through life?

Through the many years that I have been studying the evolution of consciousness and what it is that makes us live in states of greater love and compassion and peace and fun as opposed to living in states of stress and frustration and anxiety and lack, I have come to learn about how amazingly we have been designed to be able to move ourselves into upgraded states of being.  The problem however is that we have been trained to navigate life in exactly the opposite way and we have learned all these BS rules about how to be and how to cope and how to view ourselves and the world that are in complete contradiction to the natural laws of life and to what enables us to really flourish.

Now the exciting thing is that science today is finally catching up to the natural laws of life and is now able to show us how to change the way we have designed ourselves and support ourselves in operating in new and exciting ways that help us live strong.

We have all learned how to survive life but now we need to learn how to get good at life.  To live in a way that nourishes what our soul wants.  To live in a way that helps us have healthy bodies, healthy relationships, healthy adventures and healthy minds, healthy emotions etc etc.

Most of us are starting to feel the awakening that is happening on the planet right now. We can feel that there is a shift in energy that is needed in ourselves and those around us.

So my teachings are in support of our new design.  What do we need to do to tap into our very natural abilities and gifts that help us get our needs met in life. If we could go through life tapping into different states of consciousness and feel like the universe has our backs then we can flow effortlessly towards our biggest intentions.

There is also such a vast difference between learning and transformation.  You can learn something and then forget it the next day.  In fact, with the average book you read, you will have forgotten 80% of it by the next day. Transformation is different because it causes your mind to expand and see the word in a different way and when you do that your mind can never shrink back again.

Now a lot of what we teach comes from what the ancient mystics and sages have been talking about for many years but the problem when people hear this today is that they see this type of work as irreconcilable with their modern way of life. Yes yes they say but all this meditation and mindfulness and energy alignment whoo whoo business is great but doesn’t really fit into our modern busy lifestyle.  We just don’t have the time or the inclination to meditate and we don’t see how this whole mindfulness business is really going to solve our current issues.

Well, all the greats, the high performers, people who have done remarkable things have one thing in common – they understood the power of meditation and mindfulness and of tapping into their deeper spiritual powers in order to create their vision in the world.  Steve Jobs learnt to meditate for 3 years and attributes a lot of his success to the power of healing internal states of being through meditation and mindfulness. High performers who do great things have understood the deepest of universal laws and how to align with them.  And then of course, if Oprah has time to meditate, so do youJ.  We all have the same amount of time in the day and yet time seems to be on some people’s side and not on others.  Why would this be?

We have also adopted an incorrect idea of the whole concept of mindfulness and meditation and energy work.  We think of it as something that has to take a lot of time and something that is really difficult to do. Many of us have tried meditation and because of the busyness of our minds today have found it almost impossible to clear our mind of thoughts and so it becomes something that is almost unpleasant.  Well, here is the exciting thing, the old monastic way of meditating and getting ones self into a state of deeper awareness sure is outdated for our modern zuped up crazy lifestyle and so the techniques we teach are ones that align with our modern lifestyles.  I like to think of us all now as becoming the mystics of the modern world.

So guys in a nutshell what I am really saying is that there is something more than the way we have been trained to function in the western world.  In fact, this knowledge is missing and it is causing people to be ineffective, unhappy and unhealthy. And I for one would like to be part of the new thought movement and spread this information to as many people as possible.

Why?  Because the world needs this right now. We need this right now.  It is time for us to align with the energy that creates worlds and live much richer lives.  We need to teach ourselves and our children to work the natural way and move into flow with all of life.  Rather than struggle with the outside world we need to learn to go inside, clean out our inner lives and discover the power we have to bend and meld the outside world to one that we love to live in. It is time for us to up-level ourselves.

One of my favourite thought leaders and spiritual teachers Michael Beckwith talks about the concepts of Satori and Kensho. He says that we are here on this earth as souls to have a human experience and the primary thing our soul is here to do is to learn to grow.  And our soul can grow in one of two ways – through pain and kensho or though satori or insight.

Kensho is growth through pain – so for example if you have a business and it goes bankrupt, that will cause you a lot of pain but you will hopefully learn from the experience.  If you have a relationship and it breaks down, that will certainly cause you pain but hopefully again, you will learn from it.  And there are of course many more examples.  Kensho is the idea that pain sometimes comes to us to take us to a new level of growth and awareness and wellbeing and ability.

But when you start going within and understanding your inner state. You have the ability to earn through insight instead, in other words growth through those a-ha moments and through deep self-awareness and awakening.  Growth through inspiration.  And this is what is called Satori.

Now guys, you are going to want to aim for Satori because if you don’t, your soul is going to kick your butt and sometimes it can kick real hard.  So join me in my teachings and sharings so that together we can all support each other in moving ourselves towards Satori – deep growth through wonderful insights and incredible experiences.

Satori Sweetness

So my first little bit of Satori Sweetness that I would like to share with you today is a concept that most of you know already but give absolutely no attention to whatsoever.  It is probably one of the most profound universal truths that has come to our attention and we all know it intellectually but very few of us really do it.

This is the fact that our thoughts create our reality. We are all coming to understand and hear about this concept today and science is now starting to prove how and why this is.  So, YIPPEE YAY, how simple is that then??  Well maybe not?

How many of you woke up this morning and decided to create your reality with your thoughts?  How many of you noticed what you were actually thinking about and focussing on and kept your thoughts steady on all the things you want in your life and on all the things that serve you?  How many of you have been consciously placing your thoughts on empowering concepts as opposed to allowing your thoughts to simply be a reaction to whatever it is that is going on in your life or your day?  I bet a very small handful of us actually did this.  Most of us tend to place our attention on what is right in front of us in life.  When someone annoys us, we obsess over how frustrating this is, we think about our problems or current concerns obsesantly and fuss and fret over them in an almost addictive way. If we had to pay attention, we would notice that 80% of the time we think about what we don’t want as opposed to what we do want and we think about what is in front of us instead of what we would like to see in front of us.

The interesting thing is that we become very addicted to the typical thoughts that keep playing over and over in our head and when we want to change things for ourselves, it is like the alcoholic deciding to give up booze – really really tough.  Why? Because just like the body becomes addicted to alcohol, the body becomes addicted to the same thought patterns that we have been running on autopilot for many years. Now there are many ways for us to break these old patterns of thought but for now I just wanted to give you a small little trick that really helps me.

I would like you to think of your life as a garden. Picture the most exquisite garden you can that represents your life.  Now I want you to ask yourself if you were taking care of this garden, would you nurture the weeds or the plants?  Of course the answer is that you would nurture the plants and get rid of the weeds.   The weeds are ugly, they don’t belong there, they take over and they strangle the flowers that you are wanting to cultivate and grow.

So now I want you to take this analogy and overlay it on top of your actual life and think about your thoughts as the way you tend to your life garden.  I want you to practice regularly asking yourself, are my thoughts tending to the weeds or the flowers of my life garden?  You will start to notice that most of the time you are tending to the weeds. And because our thoughts are the energetic force that shapes our reality and our actions and our behaviours, when we place our thoughts on something it gets stronger in our lives.

Think again now about how often you actually focus your thoughts on the unwanted in your life?  If you are overweight, your predominant thoughts are – I am fat.  Think about your nemesis person at work – you know, THAT person J.  When they have done something to annoy you, it consumes your thoughts.  Think about when your bank balance is low or your boss has criticized you or your spouse has done something to make you mad etc etc.  We focus every bit of our energy on the situation.  We nurture the weeds in our life till they literally strangle us and take over.  When we have a problem we obsess over it, when we fail, we mull over it, when we are angry, we brood over it, when we are unhealthy we think about it etc etc.

You can see this happening generally in conversations today that you have with others.  Notice how often people’s attention is on what is not quite working out in the world.  As a collective consciousness, we are even watering the weeds of humanity as a whole.  Think about us here in South Africa especially.  Most of the conversations are very focused on the myriad of problems that we face and how they suck and what a problem it actually is posing for us.  Now, just as a caveat, I am not suggesting that we put our heads in the sand and not think about better ways of being and have those conversations where we pull our politicians apart a little, that is all fine and necessary but notice the difference in the energy between a conversation that is observing and noticing the world in a powerful way and one that is judging it and criticising it, you will see and feel that there is a big difference.  The one conversation feels alive and energetic and opens up possibilities and the other tends to feel constrictive and heavy and closes down possibilities.  The one is watering the garden and the other the weeds.

So, I play this game with myself every day and all day.  I regularly stop to notice what I am thinking about and I ask myself, am I watering the weeds or the plants of my life.  When negative thought forms arise, instead of indulging myself with them, I ask what part of my garden I am watering and it tends to stop those thoughts in their tracks or at least change my awareness of them and slow them down a little bit.

At first you might have to make notes and stick them all over the place (computer, toothbrush, mirror, dashboard, fridge etc etc) reminding yourself to ask the question as to whether you are watering the weeds or the plants but after a while it will become second nature.  What happens for me now is that as my thoughts stray off to unwanted things I immediately stop myself with the weed game.  It seems like a silly little tool but can be quite powerful, easy and fun.  Also, if you can visualise the garden of your life as you ask the questions, either as an actual garden or as your life itself, it is even more helpful.  It almost breaks the unconscious thought patterns in a way.

It is funny because when you first stop a thought flow by asking if you are watering the weeds, you will find that you actually want to carry on with that thought pattern because it is addictive and automatic but when you have noticed that you are watering the weeds you will feel too concerned to continue along that path or thought.  It is very effective.

The second part to the weed game then is to smile at yourself and consciously choose what thought path you would rather go down.  As you do this, it is also helpful to adjust the way you are physically holding your body.  When you are thinking about something that is not empowering for you, your physical body will be following suite.  It is helpful at that point to notice what your body is doing.  How are you holding yourself?  What are you feeling?  Where is your attention? Then, shift your body into a slightly more empowering position.  If you are driving and your shoulders are slumped, put them back, if you are walking and it is a little sluggish, speed up the pace.  If you are frowning, try a small little smile.  If your breathing is shallow and your jaw is tense, try deepening your breath and softening your jaw.  You will be amazed at how this will help you to shift into a better state.  Now, this might all seem quite complicated but it doesn’t have to be and it only needs your awareness and a few seconds while you are going about your day but it could change the course of your day, your week, your month and your years.

The human mind is an incredibly powerful thing.  What it believes to be true of the world becomes true and what we are trained to see, we see and experience.  So start training yourself to see what you really want to see.  Our mind is an incredible tool but our minds have been trained to take over and run a mock with us today and it is important for us to get it under control again and learn to de-excite our nervous systems and create much more whole brain functioning in our lives in order to live in deeper states of peace and happiness and health.

Ps: an important thing to note, this article says weeds, not weed.  If you find weed in your garden, well, that too could slow down those crazy thoughts but that is a whole new discussionJ.  Okay, I am just kidding.

And so I would just like to finish this off with something for you all to ponder this week – A house divided against itself, cannot stand”.

Anytime that you are focusing your attention on the unwanted in your life, you are dividing up your own house.  Why?  Well, because your thoughts are you?  They are part and parcel of your energetic body and when they do not serve you, they are hurting you.  Give some thought to what this might mean for you in your life and notice where this is true or not for you.  We might think that hating and judging our enemies and our circumstances and our annoyances out there is helping in some way but it is in fact, only serving to turn off our power and our connection to the whole of us.

To those of you who have read this, I am so grateful to you for participating in these messages.  Please share it with others.  As we share with others so our own wellbeing grows.

I will be sending out more Satori Sweetness tips in my future blog articles so keep a look out for those.

Here’s to wishing you all a wonderful week.  Go and take good care of thoughs gardens.

Much love always