The New Awakening

Welcome to 2019 and your divine awakening

Never before has our evolutionary process or let’s call it our awakening been asking so much of us. There is a flow of cosmic energy that is propelling us forward at a rapid rate and this new wave of energy is encouraging us to start aligning with our deepest truths in order for us to awaken to new levels of possibility, of potential, of purpose, of perception, of peace and of personal power. And of course with this comes new levels of understanding ourselves and the world around us.

This is happening on both an individual and a collective level. The shifts within both earth and humanity have been initiated and the purpose of which is to open up the territory of our inner lives in a new way in order to reveal new levels of insight and creativity that are available to us.

This new wave of energy is all about new beginnings and taking big strides forward but the thing to remember when moving into something new and creating momentum in our lives is that we need to let go of the old. All of life has seasons and cycles. A beginning, a middle and an end and when we align with the natural cycles of our life we grow and flourish and expand. When we try to hold onto the old however when the new is trying to emerge, it only serves to block up the natural flow of things and bring stagnation and decay. This then shows up in our lives as forms of suffering and stuckness and chaos or just a general lack of wellbeing. This sounds pretty dismal but the thing to note here though is that when we are able to release at the end of a cycle, honour the intense truths that get exposed for us and realise that it is time to re-align, well, that is when the wonders of the world open up for us. That is the point at which we up-level ourselves and move into a deeper flow with all of life.

So, don’t be fearful about releasing what no longer serves. Instead, align with your deeper, inner intuitive knowing. Start to quiet the external noise, listen to your internal compass and follow yourself all the way to the great destiny that you planned for yourself all along and to a life that feels great to live in.

So my suggestion this week is for you to start to notice what old stuff you are needing to let go of. What beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, automated reactions, behaviour patterns, relationships, habits, thoughts, emotions and general junk needs to go?

Start to notice in which areas of your life you are hanging out with your ego self, your protective self and playing it small and safe by holding on to out dated ways of being. Then notice where in life you are dancing with your essential self, your true self and living in an expanded, abundant, loving and courageous state. It is time for us to start managing our lives from an energetic level and living from the essential self. This is the time and we are the ones.

Much love always