Social Distancing the natural way

Hi everyone, we just wanted to send you this little video in order to stay connected and let you all know that we are missing you guys.

The heart of beautiful Blanco is actually the people that come here and these mountains are waiting patiently until you return.

Our wish for you all is that this time, despite it being extremely uncertain for some and a touch scary for others, is a time of reconnection with self, with what truly lights your joy and with a deeper sense of peace and knowing that is available to us but that we lose touch with in our modern world.

We are sending love and strength out to you all and can feel yours in return. Thank you to the many of you whp are leaving us special messages of love and care. We are truly grateful.

PS: for all people who need their kids to go in one direction and themselves in another after lock down (that could refer to husband and wives as well ), you know where to find us . Till then, we will do our best to keep this place as it has always been know – as the second healthiest place in the world.

Happy lock down guys. Stay safe, stay calm and we will see you soon when the world looks bright again.

Chris, kim and the team