Mindfulness, Transformational and Wellness Teacher and Coach

To upgrade your life you must upgrade your Body-Mind System.  Let us help you do that.

Get away to the country and come and gain information, have experiences and learn natural healing techniques and tool with regards to the following:

How to raise our immune system in order to live in our wild new world in a healthy, vital and grounded way – and oh boy are we all going to need that for our future.

How to build the circuitry in our nervous systems that enables us to live on purpose, in purpose and with purpose and to transcend all the proverbial beliefs, perceptions, outlooks, habits and behaviours that hold us back.

How to align with nature and live with a deeper sense of ease and flow and calm and what I mean by that is to live in a way that we kick stress and anxiety and worry and overwhelm in the but and use those feelings for their rightful purpose. In other words how to stress less and perform more.

How to channel our fear responses that we have every day correctly through our systems so that instead of crippling us and making us unhealthy, that energy becomes used for fuel, for power, for passion.

How to hold relationships in a state of mutual respect, understanding and growth and communicate our messages so that we get our needs met.

How to practice mindfulness correctly by learning how to de-excite our nervous systems and quiet our minds and power up our higher cognitive functions for improved performance and wellbeing. How to breathe, how to meditate, how to intend, how to eat, how to exercise, how to channel your energy powerfully through your system in order to expand your perspective and your sense of self.

How to raise your vibration and live strong with a deep sense of grace, love, internal power, wisdom and compassion for all.

How to find your voice and your authenticity and to express that to the world in the form of your dreams.

So when the world rights itself again and this incredibly big transformation that we are going through settles into its new equilibrium, we will begin the retreats but in the meantime you can always go to our blog section and subscribe to our newsletter in order to get free information that we will be sending out and sharing with you all. We will have to do minni little online retreats in the meantime.

For those of you who feel drawn to any of this it is our sincere wish that something inside of this shared information will sow seeds of greater wellbeing within you and will stretch your perspective and your self-insight to new and expanded levels and that when the time is right you will join us on some of the retreats to embody all of this information.

One thing I do know for certain is that new perspectives and new insights and new awareness is what is so badly needed right now as we navigate this massive tidal wave of change that we are going through. This is the new awakening and it is coming fast and strong and loud and robustly. Best we be ready.

The old order as we know it is going to crumble and we are stepping into the unknown. Our greatest way to quip ourselves for this is to uplevel together with the new energy and to move into the deeper purpose of why we are here and that is to find ways to engage with our world in a way that works for us and the people around us. We want to be moving into a place of ingenuity and bringing our own voice to the forefront of our lives rather than just worrying about how we get by each day. We want to start learning to use the energy that we are in a way that serves our soulful evolution and by doing so to live healthy and proud and strong and long.

We will put the retreat dates out when the time is right.

Blanco Guest Farm

Where we will be holding the retreats at:


So if this talks to you, please subscribe to our newsletter and make use of our free information.