Mindfulness, Transformational and Wellness Teacher and Coach

To upgrade your life you must upgrade your Body-Mind System.  Let us help you do that.

  • Learn to heal on every level of your life
  • Create a powerful shift in your reality.
  • Become happier and heathier more easily by living your true path
  • Learn to build the circuits to perceive that you are made of pure creative Universal Wisdom.
    And to then act on it.
  • Use the power of your mind to find the language of the soul – where your true power resides
  • Discover how to access the unified field of possibilities and manifest it as your own.
  • Learn how to stop judging your own thoughts and emotions as you discover how to ground and integrate your whole body to awaken to the healer within and experience a life uncommon
  • Rewrite the past and dissolve the story altogether for greater clarity and life purpose

At these beautiful three day country retreats you will:

  • Discover Anchoring Techniques to stop living in your head and to master anxiety and stress
  • Learn B.E.S.T. Release to clear Subconscious interferences preventing you from enjoying optimal physical, emotional and mental wellness
  • Practice Intentional Breathwork for energy release and physical emotional healing
  • Experience Peace within yourself, harmony with others and relaxation in life
  • Lock in a clear understanding of Quantum Science that can help you self-heal forever
  • Learn the language of the soul and become the soul in action
  • Transcend the personality and all of its limiting beliefs for a life that flows with ease
  • Heal pain in your body and turn on the vital force that you are meant to be in the world.
  • Come to understand your Enneagram Pattern for a deepened self-awareness and self-mastery

The Energy Codes is a powerful 7 step system based in Quantum Science, Energy Medicine and Spirituality Teaching Practises and Principles of Embodiment that show you how to use your body to train the mind to awaken to your greatest life experience, that of living from the true Soulful Self. It’s time to master your energy as you move from survivorship to creatorship – to living your magnificence as a true Creator of Your Life.

The Enneagram – Knowing our enneagram type tells us a great deal about how we view the world, the kinds of choices we are likely to make, the values we hold, what motivates us, how we react to people, how we respond to stress and much more. Also, as we become aware of and familiar with the personality patterns revealed by this system, we more easily appreciate perspectives that are different from our own. Identifying oneself as one of the 9 personality types can be revolutionary. For the first time we may see the pattern and overall rationale for the way we have lived and behaved

Join us for these amazing workshops retreats in the country where you will not only learn to embody the powerful concepts above and deepen your sense of self awareness, you will also get to do this in a wonderful natural environment where we make the most of what nature has to offer us in order to embed the learnings in the workshops.

The greatest investment a man can make is to invest in himself


Blanco Guest Farm

Where we will be holding the retreats at:


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