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Sole  Sisters. What is Sole Sisters about?

The Sole Sisters were back in 2018 bigger and better and then even bigger and better and more expansive in 2019 and have now had to sadly postpone 2020. We will keep you posted as to their movements.

Sole Sisters are back in 2018 – Bigger and Better.


In April 2017 10 of us ran 107 km over three days through the beautiful Baviaans River Conservancy in the Eastern Cape. We call ourselves the Sole Sisters.

As well as providing us with a physical and mental challenge and an opportunity to nurture our souls in the outdoors, this exploit raised funds for Heart Matters (a crisis pregnancy center in Grahamstown), Sparrows (Child Welfare in Tarkastad) and Siyatinga (a ladies’ crafting initiative on Fair Holt Farm, outside Bedford). One Hundred Percent of all funds raised went to these commendable causes, the aim of which was to bring hope and transformation to vulnerable women and children.

We were astounded as to the incredible support we got from people and our expectation of what we would be able to raise for our charities were way surpassed.  We came to learn of the incredibly big hearts and generous spirit of the people around us.  This of course has inspired us to repeat this adventure again in 2018.

Unflagging in our determination, disciplined in our training, generous in our laughter, we would love for you to become part of the journey:  please get involved by donating!  Visit our website and choose to donate either cash (PayPal is an option) or goods (we have a wish list on the website).

Our dream is to inspire woman out there to commit to championing other woman in taking on something that gets them right out of their comfort zones and gets their inspiration flowing again.

Here are some picture of the fun we had.

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Heart Matters

Heart Matters (a division of Africa Cares for Life) is a not-for-profit Pregnancy Resource Centre based in Grahamstown. The foundation provides free pregnancy testing and support for women facing the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. Given a positive result, Heart Matters explains all the options (without any agenda, judgement or manipulation) available to the mother-to-be. These include adoption, foster care, parenting and abortion.

If a woman decides to keep her baby Heart Matters will assist her by providing ante and post-natal care, companionship during birthing, baby clothes, toiletries and financial advice.

If a woman chooses to abort her baby Heart Matters provides post abortion stress counselling (PAS)

We treasure all women irrespective of age, race or religion and all Heart Matters services are free and confidential.

Siyatinga Craft Ladies of Fair Holt farm


Sparrows Child and Youth Care Centre is a Non-Profit Organization, dedicated to improving and empowering the lives of the orphans and vulnerable children in our community and further afield. We have been operating since 2000, coping with pressing issues including: HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, poverty, unemployment, family violence and family disintegration as well as teenage pregnancy
Our vision is to demonstrate God’s love for children and their families through dedicated and loving support and with the ultimate aim to restore them to a healthy family relationship

Lukhanyiso Village

Lukhanyiso Village will provide a home for 500 vulnerable and orphan children with the core vision to RESCUE a child, RESTORE a life, RAISE a leader and RELEASE a star.

Lukhanyiso Village offers a solution to the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children in Eastern Cape, South Africa. The Lukhanyiso Village model is long term cluster foster care, where children have a sense of belonging in a supportive community, modelling an African village lifestyle.

The children will be placed into a family environment, with a trained foster mother, where they receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing and where all their physical needs are met. If these children are equipped with essential moral values and life skills, they will grow up to be a generation that will influence positive change in South Africa, Africa and the world.