Inspirational Affirmations

You are rich beyond your wildest dreams when you are your authentic self – Kim

Master yourself, master your life

You are poised for greatness, don’t measure yourself against your current reality 

Enchant yourself

Design your right life, live your purpose

Prepare to astound yourself

The voice of social conditioning shows up as a stream of thoughts in your head; wisdom appears as emotions or physical sensations in your body 

Be the source

See the perfection

What you resist persists; yet what you look at through the eyes of the soul disappears

Make your life matter

What do I want to be when I grow up?  Why HAPPY, what else??

I trust the intelligence in me 

Discover the depth and breadth of your authentic power as you align your personality to your soul

About the Author – Kim Laubscher

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep fascination with the human spirit. People, and how we play out in our lives in our own unique way has been the focus of my research and attention for the past 15 years now.
Today, as a Life and Wellness Coach (for want of a better description to explain partnering with people for self-expansion) and a teacher for deeper conscious living and change, it is my great honour to be able to partner with all of you out there who are meant to be part of my team.