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Mindfulness, Transformational and Wellness Teacher and Coach

Join me online (face time, telephone, skype or zoom call) for a one on one coaching program or a few coaching sessions.

Just fill out the quick contact form below or contact me via e-mail or whats app message if you would like to chat about what the coaching program entails to make sure that it is a fit for your needs. Alternatively, have a look at the dates for my group coaching sessions that I run. I will post the dates for the next group coaching program in this coaching section. I will also post an overview of what the coaching program offers.

What Is Coaching?

“Coaching is a way to realise your true potential through a process of uncovering and then eliminating destructive behavioural patterns and thinking patterns in your life in a supportive, caring and inspirational environment. This is achieved by empowering people with specific tools and scientifically tested techniques that work.” Neil Asher – Founder New Insights

Coaches Explained

Coaches are the behavioral equivalent of a personal trainer. A therapist, like a physician, works with unwell people to restore them to health. Coaches work with healthy people to restore them to maximum fitness – that is, wellbeing and quality of life as it pertains to each individual.

Coaching allows us to live more fully in a deeper relationship with all aspects of our self. The coaching relationship is a recharging place where you:

  • Tap into the source of energy you need to get over hurdles
  • Make perspective shifts
  • Change health and wellness patterns
  • Reach goals
  • Reduce stress
  • Etc etc

One of the qualities that makes the coaching relationship work is spaciousness. This is a place where clients can:

  • Breathe
  • Experiment
  • Fantasize
  • Strategise

Coaching Introduction

Join Us

All of this is done without fear or limitation. So join us for a coaching program and let’s take you through this process and take your life into more authenticity, aliveness and courage. The courage to step into yourself and lead.


Imagine what it would be like if someone knew both your values and life purpose and held you true to them

  • Someone who would hold the flag at the top of the hill encouraging you to press on to reach it, and
  • Someone to celebrate your victories with and help you learn from your setbacks

Imagine a relationship with someone who

  • Will absolutely tell you the truth about where you are strong
  • Will absolutely tell you the truth about where you sell yourself short
  • Knows you can handle it and knows what you want and
  • Sees how BIG you can be and constantly holds that big image up for you to see – even when you can’t hold it for yourself.

Imagine someone who listens to you

  • Without judgement allowing you to show emotion
  • In a way that shows acceptance of you without analysing you
  • Whenever you just feel like talking
  • When you feel you have just made a mess of things, and
  • When you’ve enjoyed great success

Imagine a relationship where you finally break free of those self-limiting conversations you have been having over the years, where the voices of self-sabotage are simply recognised for what they are and the powerful part of you is always encouraged. This is the place you visit regularly and consistently – to consolidate, to integrate, find your inspiration again and push on. –

Imagine a relationship where the aim is to listen – and focus only on – YOU, on your goals and dreams in life, on what will help you achieve these.

Imagine someone who is intent on understanding all that you communicate and who tunes in:

  • Not just to your words but what’s behind them and what’s living in the spaces between those words.
  • To the language of your body
  • To the nuances of your voice
  • To your views about how you are really feeling
  • To the very best aspects of you even when you can’t see them yourself
  • To what you believe about yourself and
  • To what you truly want in your life

Imagine someone who will work with you and for you in Planning how to reach your goals and dreams and Keeping you moving forward towards your goal

  • Imagine a relationship with someone who
  • Is totally curious about your dreams and aspirations and wants to get you there
  • Really wants to know what makes you tick
  • Can help you to identify and work with your values
  • Wants you to live in accordance with your passions
  • Will explain and work with you to use tools for growth and learning that lead to the results you want and
  • is sometimes even more concerned about – and focused on – achieving your aspirations than you are.

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