Against the Wind

So I was on a run this morning which takes me out one way and then I turn around and double back on myself in order to get home. It was a lovely sunny morning but the wind was pumping. While I was running out, the wind was behind me and it felt great. The wind was pushing me from behind and the sun was on my face and it was magical. I was enjoying the run so much that I decided to test out all my connectedness and oneness theories and I sent out a special message to the universe (God, the greater mind, divine intelligence, your angels – whatever naming game or spiritual beliefs works for you) and quite boldly asked if my team in spirit would swing the wind for my return run home so that I could continue with the great feeling. Mmmmmmm!!! Yes, I actually asked this.

As I got to the turning point, I switched directions with loads of anticipation for my trip home. And of course, you can all guess what happened!! I turned into the full force of the wind which gave me a gleeful little smack in the face just to remind me of my place in the universe. My already tired muscles went into groan mode and my thoughts immediately jumped to telling me what a crappy run home it was going to be. As I automatically went into this habitual way of responding to something seemingly unpleasant, I caught myself and started to smile, feeling somewhat silly at thinking that I had THE FORCE behind me and enough clout to actually change the wind. I started to laugh and shrugged off the thoughts that were telling me that this was going to be an unpleasant run home and put my head down to tackle the windy trip home. As I did this, the most interesting thing happened – I was suddenly flooded with messages/thoughts telling me that sometimes the wind is going to be behind us pushing us forward and sometimes we are going to have to run straight into it and move against its force. This concept hit me like a ton of bricks and the force of the message that was about to unfold for me was as powerful as the wind itself.

I learned on my windy run that in life, there are going to be times when things will be plain sailing and easy and then there will be times when our challenges are going to come at us like a gale force wind and then there will be all those times in-between these two extremes. Now this we all already know but the important thing for us to realise from this however is that if we are striving to get to a point in life where the wind is always behind us, we will be striving for an elusive concept that will never come and we will always land up feeling somewhat disappointed and a bit worn down when life’s challenges keep popping us for us.

We can never get rid of life’s challenges or head winds, they are as necessary on our growth path as food and water but instead we can learn the importance of having enough courage and energy to tackle them head on and in doing so to discover the wonderful opportunities that they bring for growth and healing and self-correction and balance and strength and love. And we come to learn that it is actually only when we skid off the correct path in life that our challenges and head winds seem insurmountable and cause us stress and overwhelm. But, when we find our way back to our true path, our true selves, we find that we are more than able to face our challenges head on and a feeling of inevitability and freedom sets in. We come to learn to love out life not in spite of our challenges and head winds but BECAUSE of them.

If I think about my windy homebound run, I realise that there were many advantages. I had to work twice as hard so my training effectiveness doubled. As a result, I felt much more exhilarated when I got home because I would never have pushed myself so much. I also stopped any form of thought on my run (other than a few grimaced words that I would perhaps not use in front of my kids) trying to battle the wind and so I got the bonus prize of having a run and some head clearing all at the same time. Normally my monkey mind solves the problems of the world on my run and asks many questions – earth shattering stuff like – why didn’t I marry for money? or how to sell my kids and get away with it? or why did God not make tasty food healthy and junk food yucky etc etc.

So, when my mind was cleared of some of the rather arbitrary thoughts that sometimes occupy it, I came to the conclusion that when our eyes are opened to the fact that we are always going to be faced with situations that challenge or stretch us in life’s great variety of ways and that these things are in fact the very necessary elements for our own expansion and growth and movement into greater experiences and greater things and greater states. In fact, as we expand and self-actualise (which is what we are here to do by the way J) we will be faced with more and more challenges. The trick is to learn that being in flow and moving into a better life is not about eliminating all challenges and obstacles and lessons and annoying thigs. Not at all. It is about learning to see them as the sweat spot and to know that they are there as opportunities for self-expansion. Only when we see them for what they are can we then navigate through them in a state of flow and a state of peace despite the ups and downs of what they bring. Now that, brothers and sisters, is the beginning of wisdom. Learning to embrace all sides of life.

So, if you are living the illusion that someday in the future, all those things in life that trip you up or annoy you or challenge you or get you feeling fearful are just going to magically disappear, well then you have fallen into life’s greatest trap. The interesting thing though, as we start to accept life’s challenges for what they are, we start to look at them differently and then miraculously, we no longer see them. When we start to embrace the full spectrum of experiences that we get as we navigate life, that is when we start to move into wholeness.